Louisville City Tours To Remember

We picked up our guests for our Louisville City Tour at 10am this morning. In addition to other wonderful states, we had guest from both coasts; Key West, Florida and somewhere beautiful I’m sure, California. There’s a little extra excitement in the air today due to the upcoming opening of the fabulous YUM! Center.

The guests are always so impressed with the massive size and all the glass. The fountains popped on for a brief moment today… there was a little cheer from the tourists on the bus. I cheered along with them. I’ve been watching the progress of this incredible building since it was only a big hole in the ground, and I’m surprised at how emotional I feel now that she’s almost finished. The official ribbon cutting ceremony is this Sunday, and although I really am not a ribbon cutting kind of person… I will be standing out there in the crowd, and waiting in line to take my tour of the interior.
There was a mist over the river today…. Something we don’t normally see. Usually in the morning the river is glistening with the morning sun…a beautiful sight to see. I never tire of crossing the river… and when we have multiple tours, we can cross it six times a day. Maybe it’s because I come from river people, or “river rats” as some people say.
My Granddaddy was a river man and lived his life woo-ed by the charms of the Ohio River. It seems that same river blood flows through me. I’m sure he would have quite a few stories to add the ones we tell along the tour.
As our first guests departed today, the lady from California said, “You sure do have a beautiful city! Louisville is far more than I expected.” That was nice… I like surprising people with our great city.
After the first tour, we pulled up to the Marriott to pick up the first guests for our second city tour of the day. I saw them, the sweetest sight you’d ever seen. A Mother of about the age my Grandfather would have been and her adult daughter, standing up with some effort and moving slowly toward the bus. I wondered if the Mother would have stories to add about the river… as we crossed the Ohio River, she did. She was 93 year old and had been a child during the January 1937 flood. “1936, dear”, she kept correcting, “The rain started in our town in December of 36”… and the stories began.
It was a wonderful tour.

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