Red Hat Society Joins City Taste Tour for Louisville Tour!

Ahhh. Sunday. We run our Louisville city tour 6 days a week. Sunday is reserved for laundry, loving on my sweet pets… and sleeping in. The day of rest.

Yesterday was a wonderful, yet very long day. We started the city tours at 9am with a group of 12. A local couple had called us to arrange a city tour because they had family coming in to town. Although it was basically our regular city tour, they requested a little customizing that of course we were happy to do.

One of the special stops was to see The Home of the Innocents bronze monument in Cave Hill Cemetery. The story of Sister Emily Cooper and the 77 children buried in Cave Hill Cemetery is something definitely worth knowing. Here is a link to a newsletter from the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation. The article about Sister Emily Cooper is on page three… but make sure to read the one about Louisville giant Jim Porter, you’ll be interested in that one too.

Our second tour was a group from The Red Hat Society. Yes, City Taste Tours finally had Red Hats aboard! I just love the whole concept of The Red Hats. “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.” I have been fascinated by the Red Hats for years now… I see them everywhere.

Maybe my fascination comes from my quick approach of the 50 year mark. I am yet 45 at present though, and had thought I could not be a red hotty for five more years. One of the wonderful women on our city tour yesterday informed me that I could be a pink hat… so you never know.

Here is the link to Wikipedia’s explanation of The Red Hat Society, in case you have seen these fabulous purple and red clad ladies somewhere and have wondered who they are.

Ladies… you were the highlight of our day! We hope to have many more Red Hats on our tours of Louisville. City Taste Tours loves you!

Our final tour of the day ended up being a smaller group of guests for our Louisville Foodie tour. You still get history and fun stories about Louisville, but the tastes along the way are far hardier… and in addition to the tastes, you will be sitting down at local venues and having meals at three very different places. It is a dinner tour and you will be stuffed by the end.

After such a long day the smaller group was actually very nice. We had a woman from Colorado who had a business doing the nutritional labels for foods (cool!) and a couple from Kansas, though he was originally from South Africa. (I knew that was not a Kansas accent.)

What is neat about all of our tours, is that the bus gets filled with a variety of people from different cultures, experiences, states, countries, and reasons that they are in our great town of Louisville… and within ten minutes, they are all bonded, chatting and sharing this fun experience.

When we dropped off the guests late last night, I was sad to see them go. Even after 13 hours of giving city tours of Louisville, there was a little melancholy that the tours were at an end.

Monday morning though it all begins again, and I will share with you the many wonderful people that come our way, hop onboard the City Taste Tours shuttle and head out to hear the fun stories, see the great sights, and taste the fabulous foods that gives Louisville it’s unique flavor.

As I ponder now the pile of laundry that awaits me in the other room I wonder, maybe we should do city tours seven days a week. Hmm??

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