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Snow Days

The joys of a snow day! Those here in Kentucky, of my age range anyway, will happily remember the music that accompanied the list of school closures. Now that I’m an adult and look back on it… I realize it is the same music that accompanied the beautiful synchronized swimming ladies at Sea World. A strange oxymoron if you ask me. Now as an adult running a tour company I still get the same thrill when I hear the music, but then realize that snow/ice days mean something else to an entrepreneur; disappointed tourists hoping to see the city, disappointed me who wanted to show them the city…. and no money for the day. 🙁 Thankfully there were only a few scheduled on the bus this icy morning… but thank you for understanding. I really do love giving the tours and are as disappointed as you. For now though… I’m working from bed… and actually had time to blog, which rarely happens. I’ll try to take some pictures of the icy trees out my window and upload them for you.. that would be cool. I think I’ll also see if I can find that synchronized-snow-no school-Sea World music on itunes and maybe download it on my phone… that would be nice. First though, better get another cup of coffee.  Awww…. a snow day.

The Seasons of A City Tour

Season1Season2 Season3My guests always ask me about halfway through the tour what it is like in the winter here in Louisville. I always smile to myself because I can tell that they are starting to wonder if Louisville would be a good place to retire. It’s about the time that we hit the third very cool neighborhood that their wheels begin to spin. Then the “How harsh are the winters here do ya think?” starts rolling through their heads. It’s true… Louisville is a very neat city. It’s full of surprises and far more than visitors expect it to be. We have great sports teams, a fabulous arts scene, great food, restaurants, parks… and the list goes on. We also though…. Have a winter.

It’s hard to answer the winter weather question. In all honesty, I feel sorry for our Meteorologists. Our weather is really hard to predict. I think it has something to do with being in a river valley.  One year it will be mild… one year it will be harsh. So really you never know. This winter… well, it’s not actually even officially winter yet, but it’s been in the 20’s for a few days now and at this point I’m a little tempted to start asking my guests what the weather is like where they come from.

Then I remember the seasons… what we get here in Kentucky is a definite four seasons… and that is  worth freezing my tushy over right now.

Here  a few scenes from our Louisville city tour.  Same spot…. Different seasons! Ahhhhhhh…… Kentucky!


Possible Cure For The Winter “Blahs”

Some of you may have known that Eli and I took a little time off in January to rest up for another crazy and wonderful year of fun & food events for Louisville locals and those who come to visit our fine city.

Even with getting stuck in Atlanta ’s ice storm and finding Florida to be a tad colder than usual, we had a great time and had a bunch of traveling taste adventures that we will share with you later.

Red Hat Society Joins City Taste Tour for Louisville Tour!

Ahhh. Sunday. We run our Louisville city tour 6 days a week. Sunday is reserved for laundry, loving on my sweet pets… and sleeping in. The day of rest.

Yesterday was a wonderful, yet very long day. We started the city tours at 9am with a group of 12. A local couple had called us to arrange a city tour because they had family coming in to town. Although it was basically our regular city tour, they requested a little customizing that of course we were happy to do.

Louisville City Tours To Remember

We picked up our guests for our Louisville City Tour at 10am this morning. In addition to other wonderful states, we had guest from both coasts; Key West, Florida and somewhere beautiful I’m sure, California. There’s a little extra excitement in the air today due to the upcoming opening of the fabulous YUM! Center.

Surprising and Fun Louisville City Tours!

Oh what fun and interesting things happen along a Louisville City Tour! I am often amazed at just what I see through the windshield of our tour bus as I drive tourists and locals alike through this never boring, and surprising town.

Eli gives the official tour in the back with our guests… and I drive the bus. Though that’s not to say I don’t pipe up now and again. Just today as we were traveling through Old Louisville and Eli was telling our city tour about Louisville’s fascinating history, I was at the wheel smiling in amazement as I wait for four pugs, all dressed in pink, lace, and frills to carefully cross at the light. That was just Old Louisville. You can imagine what I saw in the Highlands.